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Top 10 Reasons Why I Started My Blog

Top 10 Reasons Why I Started My Blog

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve used my voice on occasions where I should have stayed silent. Sometimes, this little but strong voice, got me into lots of trouble.

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I thought to myself growing up, “ What’s the purpose of my voice? If only I can use it to speak my soul and generate awareness about myself, my thoughts, and all I wanted to share.” BOOM! It hit me! Why don’t I create a blog? It’s the perfect platform to help my voice reach billions of people around the globe.

So … Here I Am!

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The Top 10 Reasons Why I Started a Blog Are:

Blogging helps other people.

I grew up in a community where there were so many topics that we couldn’t discuss. I knew that if I created my blog, I could help other people who were facing the same issues. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings to help those who didn’t have someone to relate to.

Blogging allows me to stay in touch.

With the Instagram and Facebook being amazing platforms for us to connect, we can never depend on them because in a new algorithm change, communication and content could become limited. Which is why I’d like it if you subscribed! It allows me to stay in touch with all of you ♥

Blogging lets me live an intentional life.

When I write, it helps me put my thoughts into words and shape my message the way I want it to be delivered to you. It helps me discover who I am, who I’m becoming and gives my life a greater purpose.

Blogging lets me meet new people.

See, I’m a very social being. I love connecting with new people and networking with people who love what I do and surround myself with people who can help me grow. It creates a channel for communication, knowledge and wisdom to be interchanged.

Blogging helps me inspire others.

If I could change the life of one reader, then I’m the happiest person alive. Seriously, I feel like all that time and energy I put into my piece of writing was worth it! You guys don’t know the feeling I get in my belly when I know you’ve gotten inspired- just magical.

Blogging helps me recommend my favorite things.

When I first started my micro-blog on Instagram, I was skeptical because I didn’t know how my audience would react or if anyone even cared at all. For me, I wanted to share my favorite modest looks, places where I traveled and so much more. The feedback I received was astounding that it pushed me to create my blog!

Blogging helps me meet tell my story.

I’m a private person outside of my blog and social media, but I choose what to share and how it can add value in your everyday life. It’s another reason why I share what I do, so each of you can benefit from me in one way or another.

Blogging helps me make a difference.

I’ve been at a point before where I relied on blogs for information that wasn’t accessible anyplace else. People’s experiences helped me put things into perspective because I felt a closer connection while reading their experiences. It helped me make better choices and feel relatable reading about their personal experiences.

Blogging helps me learn more about you.

Let’s face it, with tons of bloggers out there, how can you keep up with who you align with most? When I receive emails, DMs and snaps from you, I learn more about what topics you want me to talk about, what looks you want to see more of and even create content you’d love to see me do! Its a never-ending bond I love to take care of ♥

Blogging helps me express my passions.

One thing I advocate for on my Instagram, and all other social media platforms is the need to find your passion and build your life around it. There is opportunity everywhere and growth is not impossible! When you are passionate about what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Top 10 Reasons for starting my blog! How about you? Share your reasons below on why you started blogging.



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